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NFL Division Champions

A lot of people like doing accumulators on this. I think the prices are too short on some teams. I like the value in backing outsiders. Here’s 3 I like :

  1. Baltimore Ravens 4-1. Are third favourites to win AFC North. Forget last season, always seem to be competitive.

  2. San Diego Chargers 13-2. Are rank outsiders in what I think will be a close division.

  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8-1. A long shot I know, but their offence looks potent. I think the Falcons and Saints could struggle, maybe they can push the Panthers?

Giants NFC East.


Yes, a poor division, think all 4 teams will feel they have a chance

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Most definitely! Speak to fans of any of the teams they’ll say they will be winning it. I actually think Redskins will do well again but we’ll see.

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Yep, already had a couple of little speculative bets on the Buccs at around 8/1 - nothing big but I think it’s a fair price

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Don’t like the Ravens, really like the Steelers but I guess they are odds on

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This season I wouldn’t bet against:


It’s a toss of a coin for Cardinals/Seahawks.

For me the other divisions are difficult:

NFC East - noone has a great defense. Cowboys and Giants have the QB’s, so my head says Cowboys.

AFC South - literally no idea, probably shouldn’t bet against a team with Andrew Luck but the Colts slightly bore me. They have done nothing this off-season.

AFC West - all of the teams have the potential to be a playoff team this year. I think Chiefs will get the top spot at the moment.

If I go with that on Willy Hill (the coin said Cards) £10 returns £2,800 - or more likely £10 returns £0!


The 4 you mention, Patriots, Steelers ,Packers and Panthers are all big favourites, but all have question marks.

  1. Patriots-could start slowly without Brady?

  2. Steelers-look great on paper, but QB starting to miss more and more games. Consistent team in that they will win plenty of games but I always feel they are capable of losing when you least expect it. No doubt will contend for division but don’t think they are clear favourites.

  3. Packers-just wonder if their offence has serious problems. It’s assumed that having Jordy back will sort everything and the Lacey will be better than last year but this is not a given. Lot of pressure on Arron Rodgers this season.

  4. Panthers-I would think they will contend for the Superbowl, providing Cam Newton plays to the same level as last season (Super Bowl excluded)

Taking a wild punt on the Jets!

I completely agree all of those could happen! But I’m not betting against them!