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NFL custom leagues

Yesterday I participated in two league drafts one managed by someone else and one by me
I got first pick and drafted pretty much all my targets in the first draft- I got then a barrage of unrealistic trade requests from the LM
Once I rejected them all LM cancelled the league!
Then I created one
One team used language I don’t care for in his team name he didn’t change it drafted and then said he was going to drop all his players !
Noel these things happen all the time , your leagues cut out those possibilities also the rush to join in I noticed when I was LM imeans I’m pretty sure you’ll have two FULL leagues good luck from someone who is grateful to be part of it

As someone who participates in a lot of leagues (56 this year) I can say with certainty these are the best ones bar none.
Fortunately although some leagues are as Shani said literally plain crazy many players are passionate and play in the right spirit.

I can certainly relate having tried to run a few leagues. All of mine are on Fleaflicker and are slow/email draft but the number of no-shows are crazy. Why join a league to then ignore it, it puts people off and ultimately causes the league to fail.

I do think if I run them in future then it’ll be for a fee.

Part of it is the money, the bigger the stake the more experienced, committed and serious and the players are. I will honestly never play in a free league again. All that said its also down to the LM too, in my opinion a good LM needs to have the right balance of leadership, honesty, firmness, respect and fairness. Noel has this and I have no reservations about naming Noel as the leader in managing NFL fantasy leagues in the UK!

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Well said Gordon as much as I love the NFL and fantasy football I could not do what Noel does… He is everything you have said and that is why because of him and all of you involved in his leagues this is the best site for fantasy in the UK…

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Shani, if you want to set up a league, keeper maybe? I’ll join and participate. Good practice. A keeper might be interesting if people play from on here. Just a thought

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Maybe if we can get 10 of the originals we could charge £10 and the winner gets free entry to next years big in person draft. Could be fun. Anyone interested?

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Sounds like fun I’m interested

Unlike Sean the man I have a limit to the leagues I play so sorry Al I would need to pass. Hopefully others will take up your idea.

I did one just off the cuff one night- realistically I want to remain in a handful of leagues