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Nfl.com standard money leagues


I have a friend who would like to get involved with a money league for the first time (I will join as well). He’s keen to keep it as simple as possible (10-12 teams - no ppr - standard roster/scoring).

I know there are a number of money leagues already on here (I’m in the TFP Auction), but if anyone is running or knows of a league going, that would be great.

The higher the buy in the better really (he’s very keen and has more money than sense so easy pickings).

Would appreciate any help.


I would be interested in joining a new league. I would like to get involved in an IDP league if anyone else would. I prefer the defensive side of the game so scoring points for sacks, interceptions etc would be fun.

Just a last check on this. Not looking great but never know

What about the Betfair league? On ESPN but looks pretty standard otherwise.

Is there any spot left?



Check the other espn thread. The last entry has the email address of the organiser. Javvy60@Hotmail.Com from memory.

Why am I only seeing these posts now - seems like here has had a face lift in last few days as now I am seeing lots of threads I never noticed before - I thought I got e-mails of every post but seems I clearly did not / don’t.

Any way to late for this year but my attempt at a live offline £100 IDP league failed but perhaps if there’s enough interest next year I may re-attempt to get it off the ground. Also as for a standard scoring NFL.com money league I have run a small stakes 12 team one for about a decade… it’s only £20 and usually full but do like to have a waiting list of people ready to jump in should anyone opt not to return each off-season… a few guys from here (TFP) are already in from before TFP existed but full rules can be found on NFLUK.com Forum and if you want to go on waiting list then I’d be happy to add you.

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