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NFL - Bets for Season (Superbowl LIII)

Hey Guys,

Was a good thread last year for people to post favourable odds they saw or just bets they fancy for the season.
Anyone see anything so far ?
Bets / Where you got odds.

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Will be scrutinising the markets in the next few weeks and will let you know if I find any

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I don’t think any of the one’s I did last year cashed - I liked the OBJ one till he got injured!

Only thing I’ve punted so far is I used up a free bet on the Rams as highest scoring regular season team at 8/1 - they was last season. They not the favs - I see the market on Betway here it is currently on there:

With my Broncos tinted glasses well and truly on i think the following arent bad odds based on preseason reports and needing a bit a luck with the rookie first year curse on some others.

Royce Freeman most Rookie Rushing Yards 7/1 - Skybet
Royce Freeman rookie Offensive player of the year 20/1

Who do people like now we 2 weeks in to regular season for most passing yards in regular season?

PP still have prices up for that market - I also noticed they have 50/1 on any team to go 16-0 but only 13/1 for any team 0-16 = what ya think, Arizona look toilet?

They also have most rushing yards and most receiving yards markets… any value to be had?

Paddy Powers NFL Regular season markets

Well Big Ben is the clear leader after 2 weeks (apart from Fitzmagic, who will surely be replaced by Jamies sometime during the season), and should be in another shootout on Monday night. Worthy favourite at this stage?

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1 week to go and Ben still leads the way…

Merry Christmas all !
How are the season long bets going? I put on loads of small (ish) stakes, high odds bets over the off season. This is the time of year when I can stop looking at fantasy football and start digging back through these bets. Several can be torn up already, but I have a few interesting ones left. This one would be my biggest winner… what has anyone else got running??

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I don’t recall what I got or even if there still be honoured as Betway Self Excluded me - I been fighting with them since they done this as have no clue how they can do this without my expressly asking but think it was revenge for pushing my complaints when they restricted me (I can only surmise that happened as I did to many of their offers that earn you free bets) and then bad mouthing them on social media to warn others to watch out as the Self Exclusion happened within about 3 weeks of the restrictions being applied to my a/c and my vocaly complaining to both there senior management and all over there social media pages.

What’s worse is the Gambling Commision are no help and don’t care it seems about shady practices - I can not log in, and Betway have not still a month later returned my balance which was between 1-1.2K at time of this happening. Also the GC says BW should still honour all open bets I had that had not settled at time of doing this to me but again Betway despite promising me on the phone when they informed me of the self exclusion have not furnished me with a list of all the open bets I had. I know I had many a crazy season long ones with them as start of season they was my prefered sports book of choice. I only know my season long Super Bowl outright bets I have/had with them as I was keeping a spread sheet of all my free bets used on Super Bowl winner. Should they not honour these I will defo be taking some kind of court action - the sports betting industry truly is a law unto itself - GC needs to step up with the practices it lets go on.