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NFL - Bets for 2017

Based on comments in other thread might be good idea to have a thread on bets for upcoming season or if you just stop something that might be worth a flutter.

I’ll start with this:

Skybet - Dolphins and Buccs to make the playoffs (11/1)

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McCoy most Rushing yards @ 18/1EW
Patriots to open the season 6-0 @ 9/2

Not a season long bet, just one for tomorrow. Like the Under on KC / NE. You can pick a side at 48.5, or I’ve seen 5/4 offered for under 47 if you are greedy! I had a guess of about 44 for this one so happy to bet under.

If it comes in, I will reinvest on overs for Philly v Redskins :thumbsup: :heavy_dollar_sign:

My friends at SkyBet yet again…
Chris Hogan to have 50+ receptions… 11/2

If you look down William Hill’s YourOdds specials, you will see they have had exactly the same request… Only they quote 4/9!

Hills price is probably a little short even with the fact that Edelman is done for the season… New England obviously have loads of weapons, but I like Hogan’s chances having watched him score two TD’s in the first quarter against Detroit in the pre-season…
In my opinion this is about an even money chance, maybe a touch odds on!

11/2… TOO BIG!

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Any one like anything on Ladbrokes - I need to bet ASAP as them buggesr charging me dormant a/c fees! :rage:

Great find! 11/2 is unbelievable - it’s only a fraction over 3 receptions per game. As a comparison, last year (including postseason) he played 18 games and had 55 receptions - and that was with Tom Brady missing four games and Julian Edelman hoovering up an average of 6 catches per game.

I forgot to take my medication and backed the Rams to win the NFC West division @33/1! :astonished:
The O surely can’t be as historically inept as last season… Goff no doubt has to improve a bundle to give them a prayer but with a new offensive guru (McVay) in place hopefully Cupp can be a dependable slot receiver, and Watkins a credible deep threat, giving Gurley some room to maneouvre.
Wade Phillips is in town so the D is almost guaranteed to be good/great!

Seattle are good but not invincible… the O line might be garbage again and the Rams usually split with them.
Arizona are one Carson Palmer hit from going 6-10 and the Niners look to be involved in the Scam-for-Sam sweepstakes!

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That 25/1 on Zeke Elliott to be leading rusher is starting to look rather tasty!


Wish I’d got on it. :rage:

OBJ’s injury has tanked this bet :cry:

(9 September, posted above) - “That 25/1 on Zeke Elliott to be leading rusher is starting to look rather tasty!”

(1st November) - or perhaps not…
(3rd November) - or perhaps it is again…

Whatever, the Zeke Elliott suspension situation is getting farcical.


This Rams bet is starting to look promising! :moneybag:

Wished I’d followed in - well picked falbravo!

Thanks guys, I have a ‘Pray to McVay’ poster in every room of my house! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If only Kupp makes this one stick :sob: