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NFL - American Football - how did you get into this sport?

Share your story…

This particular ‘Blog’ category is just for each TFP member young or old, from anywhere in the world to share how they got into this great sport and how they came to choose to support the team they now do. Your story can be as long or as short as you wish it to be. Over time I am hoping this blog can give an insight to TFP members orgins stories whether occasional or heavy users on either the TFP forum (here) or the TFP server (Discord app).

Blog guidelines & rules:

  • Share your passion for American Football and the NFL.
  • Tell us how & why you support the team you do?
  • This category is not like other categories as comments, reactions and replies to others stories will be deleted - this will become purely a database of TFP users personal NFL origin stories. A blog if you will of how each of us came to love this great sport and chose to support the team(s) we now do.