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NFL 2018 Mock Draft - Interest/Sign Up

I’ve mentioned it on Discord just, but thought I’d create a post on here as other’s may see it better

I’m looking to gauge interest for a NFL Mock Draft for the upcoming draft

It could be either 3, 5 or the whole 7 rounds - I’m happy to go with the majority though, I’ve been involved in a couple of these the last 2/3 years on different websites, but basically we would all pick a team (not sure how yet, maybe first come first serve, or randomly pick) and then do a Mock Draft for this years upcoming draft

I’ve really enjoyed the last couple I’ve been involved in, can be a good way to learn more about the rookies entering the league, and could even develop soft spots for a few rookies this year too.

I’d be looking to do it between the Combine and Draft so a good way to kill some time leading up to the draft

So let me know if it’s something you’d be interested in, happy for anyone that wants to help too!

(If nobody is interested I’ll just get back in my box :package: haha)

Will edit this as people sign up so we have an idea of numbers:

  1. Shane
  2. Al
  3. George
  4. Mark
  5. Mike
  6. Sean
  7. Gordon
  8. Shani

Put me down for the Browns Shane, happy to do Dallas as well if needs be

Count me in for sure! Think we should random teams, would make it more interesting I think, and help develop knowledge if you get a team you wouldn’t normally think about. If we only get 16 people or a number short of 32 people could have multiple teams, decided by random again I think. Anyway, happy to go with whatever, either way I’m in

I’ll be up for this, seems a great way to improve my knowledge of this years class

I’m in

Just so you know, there is a similar 7 round mock draft being set up on NFLUK - they have 20 odd signed up, so may be worth considering joining forces


We don’t talk to the Dark Side Jon

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Grrrrr Too right Al
I’ll join here

Just a quick bump here!

Hoping to get a few more numbers

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Anymore interest?

Dunnno what those wanna do that have signed up with the numbers we have?

Divide the numbers of people wanting to do it by 32 and we can do that many teams each.

I’m happy to do that just wanna make sure everyone else is

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Currently have 8 signed up, this would mean 4 teams each (though if we did say 3 rounds, teams like Texans only have 2 picks both in the third)

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Let’s get this started

I don’t mind taking the Texans as one of my teams

With the combine coming up will look at getting this started soon

Just want to check the 8 of us that have signed up, are we happy having 4 teams each?

Also how shall we do it to pick a team? My thoughts were the following:
Option 1: Pick and choose teams we want, random order or in order of signing up
Option 2: Could pick teams in a round robin way similar for fantasy, so whoever picks 1st for the first round of teams, would pick last in the 2nd round of teams, with the person picking last then picking first
Option 3: I don;’t have another option haha, but open to suggestions

Also Gordon too but not sure what his username is!

I’m sure @JonCartwright will come in and at least do KC

Gordon is @CitrusPlayer

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Don’t mind filling in for KC if that will help - but starting a new job tomorrow so don’t want to over commit !!

Firstly good luck mate and secondly I’m sure you will be fine by April

When is this KO