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NFL 2015 Week 2 Chat Thread

As we don’t have a chat room how about a thread to post in any thoughts or feelings on game day and post games.

First my biggest regret in one league with 2 minutes to go before the early games start I switched out Big Ben Roethlisberger for Matty Ice Stafford and he was cold - this if it costs me the win will hurt… as it was a difference of over 15 points for the worse making this move! :unamused:

Had a dreadful fantasy week so far on UK version. Julio losing his TD (correctly) didn’t help. Titans D not good. Eifert did just ok. Need big weeks from Landry, Ivory & Lynch to make it work.

My real woes are in my second team. Combined 7 points from my RBs. 6 points from Cooks and 4 from the Panthers D. I’m currently on 41 points with only Luck & James Jones to go.

Yeah I wish I hadn’t messed with my team so much this week on NFL UK but I jumped to all the guys who did well week 1 and it’s blown up in my face - only got 41 points I think last check while games was on and only at that time had DEF yet to start and now that’s looking bad from what I see on RedZone! No triple digit score for me this week - just hoping those below me have an equally bad week to maintain my cushion!

I nearly put DeAngelo Williams in last minute. He got 26 points. Hmm. Roethlisberger got 30, one of my fave fantasy players. I genuinely didn’t see the Steelers doing what they did against the 49ers. Where did that TB performance come from? I’m not high on the Saints this year but that caught me by surprise. And Manziel turned into a stud (ok, maybe that’s a bit far).

On the plus side, good to see the lions lose :wink:

Crockett Gilmore. Yikes. Nearly included him on my blog. Think he could be a big player this year.

Some of us are up for skype chat, either audio or video. The more the merrier… A pre game chat would be fun.

I’ve got Skype - talked over it to Sean before - not sure if multi voice chats can be done or not?

Hi LM,

Yes audio group chats are all good on skype I believe. Would be up for one pre game any Sunday

If anybody is up for it Gordon, we could have a group chat when I visit you next Saturday? And that means that Sean will have to put the camera on this time :smile: Would you be up for that Noel or anybody else for that matter?

yeah I’m down - just tell me what to do. and when. Also gonna try downloading whattsapp when I reset my apple pw as I forgot it according to my iphone when ever I try get that app!

Sounds good Anders, I’m up for that… Skype video chat on Sat 3rd of October for anybody up for it.

Will be good to have you involved Noel…