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New UK Based NFL News Site

I dig all attempts at promoting the game in the UK and so thought I would post this here…


A new site by a UK NFL fan and web dev


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I appreciate you sharing your findings fella … keep them coming :+1:

Hey CitrusPlayer,

The site you’ve linked to is mine! I was going over some of the site stats when I noticed I’d had a bunch of clicks come to the site from this page - I couldn’t work out what was going on. A quick google later and I see your post!

I just wanted to say thanks for spreading the word and taking the time to share the page.

I’d love some feedback from people, I’ve got two recent articles up in the last few days.

Once again, thanks CitrusPlayer!

No problem fella, I’m all about boosting the chances of a UK franchise and I believe a full & quality internet presence is part of that. Will check out your recent posts and provide feedback.

All the best

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