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New NFL Keeper League on Sleeper (£20)

Having played redraft for many years now i wanted to try something different this year, in particular i wanted to try a keeper league.

I’ve been reading good things about Sleeper App so have created a league on Sleeper. If anyone is interested let me know.

There’s a few customisation’s that I’ve gone for which i will detail below but as it’s a new league we can put other suggestions to a vote in the app.

12 Player, Half PPR, 4 Keepers

Keepers - 4 keepers each year. Keepers cost you the pick for the round in which they were drafted. Undrafted players cost 15th round pick. Probably put a cap on the number of years a player can remain in your roster.(flexible on keeper rules, changes could be voted on)

Future draft order - Playoff teams will take up 7th -12th picks with champ picking 12th, Losers bracket will play for picks 1st - 6th with the winner of the losers bracket getting 1st pick next season) This should avoid people throwing games to get first pick.

Custom Roster - No Kicker, 3 WR, Flex (WR,RB,TE) and Superflex (WR,RB,TE,QB) 6 bench spots and 2 IR spots. So roster is QB, 2xRB, 3xWR, TE, Flex, Supeflex, D, 6xBN, 2xIR

Double Headers - Each week you play a H2H but also play against the median score of that week (top 6 scores get a win even if they lose their H2H, lose your match but finish as top 6 in league that week then you are 1-1 for the week). Sleeper includes this option so all worked out on the app.

Waivers - FAAB auction for waivers with a budget of $200 for the season.

Playoffs - 6 Teams, 2 Byes in first round.

Prizes - 12 players x £20 = £240 (1st - £120, 2nd £60, 3rd £20, Highest single week score £40)

As it is a keeper league i am hoping to get people who would be committed for years to come, the Sleeper app apparently has great chat facility for group and 1-1 chats and the hope is that we can have a sociable league. The polls feature should also help with everyone having an input over any future changes.

I’ve got a couple of mates interested so far but having played several Fan Pub leagues before i thought it put it on here first before advertising it elsewhere.

Looking to draft next week or week after, i’m quite busy the next two weekends so would prefer Tuesday - Friday evening but can be a bit flexible once we have players confirmed.

If anyone is interested drop me a message and i will share the league details.


Hi Barry,

Might well be up for this if I can make the draft date. Sleeper is great and we have moved a few leagues over there. you can donwload it here
https://go.slpr.link/dAcvsjIfOY if you want to try it

Yeah, i’ve got the app and created the league on there. I used the app last season for news etc but not played a league through it yet.

Looking to see if i can get the numbers first then try and find a suitable draft date. I will keep you posted.


If you want to add yourself to the league pending draft dates then this is the link. Can always withdraw if dates dont work.

I’ve added a poll for preferred draft dates on the league page.

Plan is to use teamstake.com to collect fee’s and make payouts. Eliminates any concerns people may have.

I’m interested in this. If draft time/date suits I’ll join.

Hi Robert,
You can join via the link posted above. I’ve put a poll on the league page with draft options. Add yourself then can always leave if draft date doesn’t work.

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If I can make the draft date I am in

Draft now confirmed for 8pm Thursday 29th.

Entry $25 through teamstake.com but league has voted to pay 2nd season up front to ensure no dropouts.

All details on the league page. Link is above.

Currently 1 space left but might lose a couple now draft date confirmed


I can make that draft date. Am I counted as in already?

No but if you get on there using the sleeper link above you can take the last spot. All info on there. I still think there will be a few spots open up, there’s a few who are signed up but gone a bit quiet.

Still two space left in this league, potentially 3.

Drafting 8pm UK time 29th August.

$25 entry with first two seasons paid up front.

Link further up this thread