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New Fantasy league for 2016 season

Evening folks!

Been thinking for a while about sorting out stepping up to Commissioner for a league, and I’ve used a quiet day today to put my thoughts down in writing. Hope this link works:

** link removed 17/01 as I am about to post the revised league settings **

If anyone has a few minutes to take a look, I’d be really interested to know
a) does what I’ve written make sense or is some of it confusing?
b) does what I’ve written sound like a league that would work, or do you think it’s set up in a way that would not give a good experience to the players?

My first go at putting a set of league rules together, so I’m under no illusion that it’s perfect - so I’ll happily accept anyone pointing out typos, errors, etc

cheers gang!

Really like it very interested and should be a fun addition to what we do.

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Sounds difficult I like it, I may be interested in joining. Can think of a few possible tweaks, but nothing major. Would suggest that the entry fee be 100 as feel this would be the minimum to Justify travelling to Southampton from places further afield.

Would also say that the GMs could be given a certain amount of 2 year and 1 year contracts they can assign to players when they draft/pick them up, rather then assigning it on an odd/even round basis. Feel this way would work better when picking someone up of waivers and with the auction style free agent draft.

And finally the divisions could be based on geographical location like in the NFL I.e most northern teams in test and south teams in itchen, or east west, sets it up for franchise relocation if someone moves with would be cool haha

Looks interesting Jon, I’m just trying to find 20 mins to read it through. Love the attention to detail tho…

Cheers George, appreciate you taking a look!

  • entry fee, yeah, nothing set in stone as yet. Want to make the prize worth while but also don’t want to put off any new player who doesn’t know me and may not want to risk too much on a commissioner they haven’t met.

  • contracts : I had thought this through a bit. What I was trying to avoid was letting people assign their own contracts as you describe, as they would probably give all the longer contracts to their early round picks in the start up draft i.e. the better players, and then there might be pretty slim pickings and a dull draft in year 2 ! But again, nothing set in stone and happy to consider other options

  • divisions : that is a great idea. I had just wanted to put something in place so we had a rule for how to split into 2 groups of 5 . Will certainly give thought to your idea or other ways to set up the divisions!

Well I want in, dunno if I can reserve a spot already? Haha only thing that would make me hesitate is it being 50 and not 100 as would cost more then 50 to get there, but might be a good thing.

As for the contracts I get your point, but could maybe give out less 2 year contracts in year 1 and grow it, so lots of guys are still on 1 year, also dunno if it says it and I just missed it, but how will contracts work with the auction in year 2 and beyond?

In year 2 and beyond, each rookie gets a 3 yr contract and all other free agents get a 2 yr contract (end of section C). Any waiver wire pick up is on a minimum 1 yr contract (middle of section F). See - I’ve thought of everything!!

Obviously as above, all open to debate at this stage, but I have worked this out to have maybe 7-8 slots free on each team when each years draft rolls around. I scribbled down some worked examples which I will dig out in the next few days and type up.

Thanks for the vote of confidence George! When I have made any final revisions I will reissue the rules and start signing people up. One think I would say is to shout now if there are any weekends in late May / early June that you can’t make and I will try to take account of that

I’m open and can fit in


Just had a read through and it looks like a great idea. Love the thought you’ve put in.

Pencil me in for it.

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cheers, Jon