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New Fantasy Football (Soccer) Concept

Hi guys I came across this concept for a Premier League draft fantasy game online and found it fascinating.

A 6 team league.
Maximum of ONE player from each Prem club.
No Auto Subs.
14 man squad (1xGK, 5xDF, 5xMF, 3xST)

Seems simple but when you think of the consequences of only being allowed 1 player from each club it creates some brilliant problems to solve regarding your squad. For example there will always be a pool of high quality free agents available but to pick up a free Chelsea player either you or your opponent will have to drop a Chelsea player. There will only be 6 Chelsea players in squads at any one time so the skill will be picking the right one.

Also if Harry Kane gets injured for a few months like he did last year would it be worth dropping him for another high quality Spurs player? If your rival picked him up off waivers they would have to drop a high quality Spurs player of their own to make room.

The league would be interesting because there would be a high turnover of players and with no Auto Subs there would be no benefit to keeping players that aren’t starting games or aren’t on form.

Was thinking of setting up a 6 team head to head league with £10 entry per team. Prize fund of £30 to the league winner and £30 to the playoff winner. This format should keep everyone honest and interest should last right through the season.

If anyone is interested in this idea please let me know!

Are you using a website for scoring, setting your team etc?

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Yes mate it can all be done on

cool I’ll probably be up for that

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Although I like the idea I won’t be running this league after all as I’m already taking part in 1 draft league and will be joining at least 1 of Noels draft leagues too but I’ll definitely consider doing anleague like this in the future :+1:t3:

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Sounds interesting. I was american football fan for years but now I’m starting to like soccer and royal panda uk more. And it’s more fun playing it too.

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