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New Category ideas

I just thought how about some Categories NFLUK does not allow on it’s forum

Radio / TV Links - for when you find a good source to listen to or watch games etc.,

Buy / Sell - When you have a spare ticket to a NFL game, an unwanted NFL related item or when you know of unofficial places to buy cheap merchandise like the fake jerseys from Ali-baba.

Added those new categories.

Good stuff. :smiley:

Adam - Can you sort an App for this. Or perhaps create a link on my Iphone?

Is there a built in thing on an iPhone where you can make kind of web page links into app icons? I thought I heard something about that?

There’s an API for the forum so it wouldn’t be too difficult to make an app for reading it, but for posting might be a bit trickier. I’ll see how the web page app link thing works first.

Yeah, you can stick website bookmarks on your homecsreen:

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Done - cheers Adam, the little logo is now on my home screen

I just thought of another Category that would be useful - as I found a link I wish to share - COLLECTABLES.

Hope you think that Category is acceptable as a stand alone one.



Just had an idea for a new category… UK & Irish Fan Clubs.

So if anyone knows any American sports teams that have a UK/Irish fan club they can post the info and contact details in that stand alone category - sort of a useful resource for new fans and anyone running any events that needs to spread the word to certain fan bases. Have a thread in that category for each of the major US sports - MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA and NCAA.