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New 12 team league, PPR, 2 Keepers

Hi all. I’m planning to start another league this season. While I play in a couple of great Dynasty leagues with several of you (@Alan_Roberts) this will be a little less complex as a couple of my friends IRL will join.

So, hosted on ESPN (MFL is too complicated for casual players) 12 team, PPR, keep 2 players from season to season (adds spice but not disastrous if someone drops out). £30 fees to make it competitive.

Any interest reply here or hit me up on Discord (my username is Zeek).


Count me in, as long as I can make the draft day I’m a definite.

Great. I should have said, draft is pencilled in for 8pm 1st Spetember. Can adjust if necessary though.

More details here, feel free to join directly if all sounds good:

Got 8 verbal commits now. Only need a few more. Feel free to add yourself to the league and then I’ll send out an email for final confirmations and leagues dues collection.

Bump. Just need a few more excellent players to join the fun!

I’m keen to join if there are still places.

@melstone Welcome aboard :sunglasses:

1 spot left. Who’s the lucky taker?