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NBA Finals

Watched the final game of the NBA finals early this morning. James is an amazing player but the Cavaliers just didn’t have anybody else to help win that game, so no wonder the Warriors got their 4th win of the Finals. Makes me wonder when Cleveland will next win a trophy, whether it will be basketball or football.

I just love American sports :grinning:

American sports are so good, the NFL is out there on its own for me but still the structure of all sports in America and the way they hyperbole everything, it all just leads to great entertainment. I used to be an avid soccer fan but over the last couple of years any liking for that sport that i had has honestly just been binned mainly due to it being replaced by a superior alternative. In comparison and IMHO soccer is now viewed by me as complete tosh for several key reasons. If I had a relative in America I would be living there by now!

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I fully agree mate. The main reason I love the American sports is because they have a limit to how much each team/club can spend during a season. Although I’ve completely lost all interest for soccer too, I don’t mind watching the MLS because I admire the system they play under. Even women’s football is O.K. - just a shame they have to play on astro turf.

And that is exactly my main gripe too, the very system where the deepest pocket wins applies all too often to soccer. In recent years when soccer still appealed I got into the championship a bit as at that level you can at least appreciate that it’s more about team management than pocket depth.