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Do any of you use this website?

I’ve just helped my mate draft a team in this league and the set up for a dynasty is fantastic. No off season deadlines, trading of future draft picks etc. Looks like great fun.

Be very keen to enter a money dynasty start up if there is interest here. The best thing being we can draft as soon as we like!


Hi Simon,
Yes, I’m in two dynasty leagues on that site - one just entering year 2, and one that has just had its start up draft over the last week or so. I would agree that the site offers a huge amount of customisation options - in terms of drafting, scoring, fixtures, and even having your own colour scheme and look-and-feel for your league’s web pages.

The flip side of all the customisation is that there can be a lot of work for the commissioner to do to set up and maintain the league, so you need to be sure you have a good set of players to make it worth the effort! Also, the site isn’t free, though a charge of about £5 per player per season shouldn’t put anyone off.

In case you are interested, I am setting up a money league with multi year player contracts, which will start with a live draft day in a pub in Southampton in May. It is advertised on this site here : CANCELLED - Bargate Bowl fantasy league 2016 - let me know if you are interested as there are still spots open.
I am expecting to run the league off-line during the off season, and on the NFL’s own fantasy website in season. But there would be scope to move it to myfantasyleague if the players were keen - as you say, it gives lots of options like draft pick trading, which I will be organising on a spreadsheet for the time being!

Cheers, Jon

Hi Jon,

Thanks for getting back to me.

The league looks like great fun, unfortunately I’ve moved abroad so any offline draft is likely beyond me this year.

In terms of the time consuming nature of being the commissioner on Myfantasyleague.com, I’d happily do it, but am mindful people are (understandably) reluctant to pay in to a money league with an unknown commissioner.

In any case, if you are starting up another one or hear of a money dynasty start up going, please give me a shout.


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Will keep you in mind Simon. The two commissioners running the dynasty leagues I am in are both fantasy nuts who run multiple leagues so there is always a chance of a spot coming free in one of their leagues

I joined a league last season on that site, its looks great at first but there some factors that should appear to be automatic and are not. One example was waiver action, for whatever reason if you put in a bid for more than one player the contract and bid amount specified for the first player your bidding on would also apply to an additional players you were bidding on. The only way around that according to that commissioner was to email him the different values for contracts for each player being bidded on. Essentially telling the commissioner who your bidding on and how much. Of course that commissioner might have been at it but there seemed no way for me to tell.

Weird that… May have been because of the extra contract element in your league - because I certainly put in multiple waivers bids, pretty much every week, and for varying amounts. Or else your commissioner ticked the wrong box in your set up options!

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The site is so vast in terms of options I expect the commish did not know, as you say.