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I wish I wish I wish I knew how to rip off videos on YouTube as I hate how many things disappear - I just looked at my saved videos within my NFL folder and over 90% are deleted and have messages like owner removed video or content no longer available. :frowning:

Worse is when gone it just says ‘deleted video’ so it’s hard to recall what I have lost or to try and re-find elsewhere online as the title has gone - so really no starting point to search from as all I now know is it’s a video I must of really liked to save it to one of my folders in the first place - and the only clue as to what the video content was is the name of the folder I saved it within. So NFL most likely was a montage of action or a documentary on sport/fav player but it’s really grated my cheese enough to come here and rant about this. Wonder what other peoples thoughts are on this as I can’t be the only one this happens to - see if people have any ideas going forward to avoid this - anyone here have the tech or skills to know how to make copies of things found on line (videos or podcasts) you wish to keep?

It’s funny you wrote this as just before I headed to bed, I recorded a video from NFL.com that I wanted to keep knowing I probably won’t see it again.

I use a program I bought 2 years ago called Movavi and it records what you see on your screen and you can use a border so you can only record whatever is in this frame.

That’s how I do it anyway,

I’m not at the PC at the moment but I’ll tell you more later on today!

I bought it for 15-20 quid.

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On second thoughts, it might have been between 10 and 20 quid.

Try googling ‘clipconverter’ - it’s free.

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i save all my you tube clips with ’ save from the net’ its really easy if you google it you literally pause the video insert ss after the www. in the address bar and it saves it

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I never knew about any of these things wish I could go back in time and save all these videos I’ve now lost from my You Tube folders :sob: