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My next video in HD (7) your questions

Very proud of the quality!!

Great vid’ Sean.

The reasoning behind one of my questions was due to the fact that I picked at #1 last season and in the latter rounds I found it very difficult to anticipate what kind of players would be left on the board.
ie. Because I was always picking two players in succession, I felt I had to ‘reach’ most turns as it felt inevitable that the type of player I needed would all get gobbled up 30 picks later. Runs on QB’s, TE’s could be over and done within the next 2 rounds

Therefore I wouldn’t fancy picking 1-4 or 13-16 in our league (I’ve never found it a problem, indeed it’s been beneficial in 10 man or 12 player games - funny how the dynamic changes so drastically with subtle differences).

I will cover this off in a later video about certain strategies at certain points in a draft.

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Nice one again Sean - enjoyed it.

Couldn’t agree more with Dean, I was relieved to get draft spot 7 last year. I did a lot of mock drafts in preparation, and the benefits of picking twice in succession were almost always outweighed by the downside of sitting watching for 30 picks while a run on one position went on!

Topic I failed to submit in time, maybe you could discuss on a later vid, is streaming. (a) are you broadly for or against it as a strategy? (b) do you feel it works better for certain positions - I have streamed QB, TE, K and DST in leagues in the past - not all at once in the same league! And finally © how does league size affect your answer - I ask because I have used it in 10 and 12 team leagues, but didn’t feel confident that I could use it as successfully in a deeper league like our live 16 team game.

Cheers, Jon

John great question must be covered next streaming !!

Sean great talking to you the other day - I’d like your thoughts on playing the player ( not just the game) now we are entering year two and how knowingveach other a little bit opens up such possibilities
I am actually dropping leagues that I don’t have this personal element apart from the fb page where there maybe an element of social interaction