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My next ten picks 21/30

I know it’s a shock at this point to see Demarius Thomas slip to 21. No reflection on him it’s about if manning returns!! And if he doesn’t who is there trigger man.

Some might argue over my 22 pick and say no way.
However watch how many experts think they have found a sneaky pick for the draft that alone will catapult him in many drafts to roughly this position.

I’m convinced Russell Wilson has catapulted himself in the top five for QB’s after last years strong showing…
And I don’t think the first tight end will go till late round three in normal draft boards and in our league mid to late round two…

shhhhhhhhhhhh L.Murray is my guy, don’t hype him up, I drafted him last year in the 13th I should be able to call dibs on him this year haha

As they say a year early unfortunately but a great talent but is he the real deal…
Many experts will think so!!

Talk about a year early I drafted CJ Anderson last year and Broncos not giving him any snaps cut him about week 7 never got a chance to pick him back up when injury gave him a chance he grabbed with both hands and thus he benefited another lucky GM down the stretch!

I did wonder about some of those draft picks that took time to bloom, Noel… didn’t Shani get Odell Beckham in the draft? Did he hang onto him or let him go?

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