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My next ten picks 11/20

Remember these are based on 10 thousand mock drafts based on what others will do.

I have not put Peterson in yet once we know he will be catapulted into the top ten I’m sure!!

Remember this is a massive first mock draft based on standard formats…

Wow - Hill and Miller at 13 and 14 is RB really that shallow? Mason at 20 suggest it might be.

Looks like it should be an interesting season, excluding the top 4/5 RBs it seems like there is a lot of good players but not very many great. Going to be some good value!

Hill and miller both had very good years especially hill who was outstanding…

Hope I’m picking in the top 5 this year :smile:

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Sean, you know I love your fact finding… but I cant help but wonder why your giving your house away with months to go?

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Remember I’m giving you the heads up on what the experts will say and the fans but not me lol

RBs in your top 20 look right. Was considering Forsett but I think top 20 is a stretch. Depending on the situation in SF, Carlos Hyde may be a fashionable pick by the time summer comes around.

WRs - if you’re basing it on what people will do, not what you personally would do - then I reckon Megatron will surely go higher?
Will be interested to see where people like TY Hilton and Alshon Jeffery are in this mix come draft time. I’d agree with you right now and not include the, but they are probably top 30…

…oh and Gordon - I’m fine with spilling the beans right now, as I know I will change my opinion a hundred time before draft day. I’ll be cagier later in the year!

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; ) I’m a researcher, it just kills me to see somebody who is so good at it, give it away…

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I know some people will say Calvin should be higher but his stock value dropped after last year…
Do I have him higher on my own list :slight_smile: what do you think