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My latest video fan pub video (20) pick one James team

I dissect pick one James team in terms of his likely starters.
I hope you like it…


Great stuff! Nice video Sean, look forward to seeing the rest.

You’ve been very kind about my team, not sure I feel it’s a ‘slam dunk’ but I think some of that comes from not being used to playing in leagues as deep as 16 teams.

I’m still hopeful Edelman will be out there for Week 1, but have my fingers crossed!

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Pretty balanced team, I like the Brandon Marshall pick at the end of round 4 and Martellus Bennett looks good value where he took him. I would have also taken AP at 1, in 2014 I drafted first and took Shady at 1, it dramatically affected my win/loss ratio and James’s team feels very similar, if Peterson has the year we think he will have, this team should make the Play-offs*

*until the 49ers ‘D’ is removed from his roster - I won’t be taking him seriously :smile:

Very fair shout out dean and great observations

Ha. The 49ers D may not be a great real NFL D this year but they project to have ‘easy’ matchups in a number of weeks that the Pats (my main D) project to have ‘tough’ matchups. Last year I tested the ‘streaming’ approach to DST and liked the results so I felt in a league as deep as this having a good complimentary D on my bench was worth having. That said, if I need to pick anyone up urgently then they are likely to be the first to go!

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Love these videos Sean.

Yeah, I think James’ team has every chance. If AP has a good year he could win it all. Only reservations I have are the lack of depth, as James took 2 TEs and 2 DSTs. He could very well end up with only 2 starting RBs and 3 WRs and no one to fill in for BYEs or injuries. (I’ve probably got a similar problem at RB myself, as have most teams in a 16 man league without enough starting RBs to go around.)

Looking at the board again, Simon’s team with 8 RBs (and 3 stud WRs including AB!) has the potential to be amazing if C.J Anderson/Lacy/Lynch/Miller/Foster suffer serious injuries. If we hear of any suspicious kneecappings we might know who to blame!

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Cheers yes Simons team is intriguing no doubt

Agree with commentary he has done well, I’ve gone for a two D approach too and like picks Gordon and Bennett (sorry had to do that)

Btw I’m not sure 1450 points projected is right - I think you’ve multiplied base points weekly by 16
Should it not be 13 ( how long are league goes on for) and how do you account for bye week?

I like James’ team a lot and on initial post draft reaction was my favourite one but of course pre-season you can make arguments for each one of us :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d have liked both of his back up runners amongst my stable too!

Not a huge fan of having more than 1 D/ST on the roster in a 16 team league. I feel that takes away a late round lottery ticket that we are all looking for when we pick our rookies/cuffs, which would benefit the team long term much more than being able to switch around a 10pt D.

Same with TE, don’t want to roster 2, it’s almost a throw away position for me since we can’t use them in our flex and apart from Gronk they are all so ‘meh’.

Is your TE injured Simon?

He is… and my kicker plays for Tampa Bay apparently sigh

16 weeks because of playoffs should you make it as they say

Sean are you doing one for each team?

Yes going to get a few out over the next few days


Anymore Sean?..

I assume Sean’s reviewed the other rosters, realised I’m going to go undefeated and win it all, and so thought there wasn’t much point in reviewing the other 15 teams :wink: