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My latest video (8) building a 100 point team

You should I hope love this video!!

Loads of insight here!., backed with analysis!.,


Intriguing - think I remember you mentioning this theory last year.
You mentioned the very high win % for weekly scores over 100, but I’m interested to know the win rate if you score 100-109.99 … Is it that much better than if you score in the 90s?

Out of interest, would you rather have a player who got you 12 points every single week, or one who averaged 14 points a week but varied wildly week to week?

It’s marginal to be honest the data improves but small increments at that point

I much prefer consistency to be honest over maybe every time

What about you

To be honest Sean, I feel that if you have a good team, you’re always better off with a consistent player. If you have a bad team, the fluctuating player may be your only chance of fluking a win

…and a nice top you’re wearing in the video today :slight_smile:

That’s a valid point Jon sometimes you need high risk players

Cheers Jon thanks for the comments

You don’t sound much like a scouser… what’s the crack there?

I agree with the 90 points for our league
I guess if you add a point to all the losing scores you can get the average minimum needed to win a game in our league

My family have very heavy Liverpool connections always followed them however in recent years from afar to be honest.

Very good idea Shani a mean average test…will look into that

I didn’t like the shirt and no surprise to see the fly on it :grinning:

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Plenty of flys on Liverpool these days lol I like it dean

Nice one Sean, good work as always. I don’t think it shall be many years before LFC are back to it.

As for the 100 point team, its a fair and reasonable target, I agree.

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