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My first mock draft using 10 teams (round 1)

Having run a mock draft using ten teams ten thousand times here is the result.

This is for the first ten picks if there is interest I will show the next ten picks as well.

I used my own metric which is based off various nfl sites and there trends…

This is not my own thoughts just a simulation however I think it is a great indicator at an early stage of a new season.

No new player breaks into the top picks (I’m referring to new draft picks) Beckhams stock has risen since last year…

Nice one Sean, all picks make sense

It’s all based on probability I strongly believe it will prove very accurate against most expert lists…

This has got me wanting to do my rankings for next year, but its a bit early for that. I usually ignore a lot of the off-season while baseball s on, and then pick it back up in the pre-season.

Early thoughts:

Beckham Jr would definitely not be my first WR of the board, probably top 10, not sure about top 5
No DeMarco Murray?

Dez Bryant, Jordy Nelson and Antonio Brown above Beckham (as amazing as he is, the Giants suck).

DeMarco Murray depends where he ends up after Dallas…

Adrian Peterson at the Cowboys may be worth a top 10 pick. I’d take Foster way above CJ Anderson if he’s going to be the Texans’ number one again, but he’s getting on a bit.

Who am I kidding, I’ll probably end up drafting an All-Texas roster again.

You must remember this is based on what people will do on mass not me you will find the beckham buzz is very high…
Is he better than other wide receivers that’s open to debate.
However he will go high on most draft days next year…

Totally true demarco has two issues carry load 300 + and where will he play that’s important he makes my pick 11 thou.
Now if between now and draft day he lands in a good spot he will be in the top 7/8 picks for sure.

As for Peterson he will make it onto the list once we know where he lands however let me release my next ten picks.

Interesting list, Sean…

Plenty to agree with on it. Personally, i’ve got CJ a good way lower on my early list until I know if Ball and/or Hillman will be back and how many of his touches they will steal.
Torn between Luck and Rodgers as my QB1 and probably have both as top 10 picks right now.
…and still wary of the sophomore slump with Odell B! Very high ceiling player, but not convinced yet that he goes before Brown/Bryant etc. Top 5 WR after a handful of games, which is still amazing, but I just can’t make him my WR1

Good to keep the discussion going in the off season!

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Remember these lists are what experts and fans will do as the drafts open up !!
I’m sure beckham will end up number one not because he is 100% so in my book he is very good but the fans and the hysteria will drive him up the list I’m sure…
Great to be chatting out of season as you say Jon…

McCoy at five looks perfect at this point as he has just been traded to the bills…
He will be the focal point of the offence…
However now what happens to spiller/Jackson !!

Looks like DeMarco Murray’s going to the Eagles (with LeSean McCoy moving over to the Bills). Mmmmm :persevere:

Intriguing move not sure what to make of it but the eagles sure needed it!!

Ryan Matthews too… interesting