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Might be Time to Step into the Breech - NFLUK upgrade

NFLUK has gone through one of its terrible just before the season starts upgrades and in my opinion it looks way, way, worse on the eye than it did before - not only that they have canned their own NFLUK fantasy football budget game… much to my and others dismay - they are just directing people to play fantasy games on NFL.com itself instead.

Many patrons are unhappy with all this and I’ve seen some people posting asking about alternative forums for UK fans so just maybe TFP can sweep up some of these unhappy UK NFL fans?

Just a shame I’m not a programmer to be able to get my NFL fantasy game idea going here with bells and whistles (as in actually be a website game and look professional) to attract them.

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Why do we need to host a fantasy game here to be an alternative to the NFLUK forum? (Which I think we already are, although 90% of the activity here is happening on Discord at the moment, but will get the new site design up giving more prominence to the Discord chat soon.)

Within our community we’re already running lots of fantasy games on NFL.com, ESPN, DraftKings, SpreadEx… not like we need to re-create those games on our own system, especially since we couldn’t ever hope to legally handle the money aspect anyway, so might as well leave that to the licensed gambling companies.

Crazy decision getting rid of the salary cap game. I loved that.

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@markdimmock812 - Yeah me to

@neonadam - I wasn’t talking about money games - just a fun free one like I posted somewhere else on here or maybe it was in a chat on Watts App with Jon way back when - I guess I’m just sad I don’t have the skills to create a site myself and bring to life my fav game as ever since the site that did my favourite one stopped it season after I found it have been sad and missing it terribly.

Maybe I need to give Discord ago again but I uninstalled it as it was forever beeping and going off I couldn’t concentrate on work and it was killing my phones power so much was always having to charge it.