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Metal Detecting

Yes okay Geek Alert - I have just watched this interesting documentary about what’s beneath our feet in Britian:

[Britain Beneath Your Feet

    1. Building Britain]1

A interesting watch by the way and in a very small part there was some metal detecting in it - it unlocked something in me - I had the urge when I was a teenager to do this as I was a loner and liked my own company but I didn’t know where to start and also was embarrassed so never really followed the desire up - pre net days.

Now as I am 41 and should be less embarrassed by what others think and the fact the internet makes info so much easier to find have just decided this is something I would still like to try - just curious if any other pub patrons have ever done this hobby or curious to try it - as I am?

I met a guy who did it in London along rivers as it was something he enjoyed doing by himself and found it relaxing. The one tip I remember is that if you do that, be careful not to do it at night otherwise some areas next to rivers can be like quicksand and you’ll be in trouble if that happens.

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In the last place I worked there was a couple of Auzzie guys that did it as a hobby, Just the kind of guys you want to knock out actually but that had nothing to do with the metal detecting lol

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