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Megalodon Dynasty League £150 High Stakes Live Draft April/May 2019

Sign up page for the Megalodon Live League = Draft will be in Northamapton April/May time after the real NFL rookie draft. £150 Entry. Rules are similar to the Kraken for those who have played in it. Just reply to the thread to register an interest.

  1. Al
  2. Sean.
  3. George
  4. Shani
  5. Dan C
  6. Dan N
  7. Dean
  8. Mike
  9. Sam
  10. Ian

**New** Dynasty League 2017 Kraken Dynasty Rules.

Now have Mike as well

Can someone send me the Kraken League rules so I can read over them before committing to this. But I am very interested.

Hi Sam. It’s in the 1st reply on this thread. Says new dynasty league

Cheers Al

Is this a contracts based league? Or a certain amount of keepers per year?

No contracts
Live draft year one only
It’s full dynasty

We will draft 25 players each, and they are yours season after season till you drop them or trade them. So you keep the full 25 on your active roster at the end of the season

Separate drafts. 20 round veteran draft and 5 round rookie draft to be done live over a weekend in Northampton. You will have 25 players in total

You will get 200 points to allocate towards where you would like be on either draft board. If you want a high veteran pick then you would allocate a high amount towards that, if you want to pick the top new shiny rookies you would allocate your points towards that draft. Ties will be settled where there are equal bids.

Sounds great. Count me in.


Starting to take payments