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Meet NFL stars!

Dont know if you guys have seen this via NFLUK, but there is a Walk of Britain, raising money for injured servicemen, the walk finishes at Wembley for the third international series game.

It’s worth supporting anyway, but now the first 600 people who donate and put Meet Barry Sanders as their donation message will get a ticket to a fan forum event on Oct 31st, with Barry Sanders and also former KC star running back Christian Okoye. Hope you get to the site in time!!


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Where’d you here about this? Just donated 10 pound so hope it’s true :slight_smile:

The guy who runs the Chiefs UK site that I write for got a tip off from nfluk, and sent a note to a few of us. Like you i hope it is all legit!

Barry Chuckle alert!

…no wait a minute , Barry SANDERS

I entered this with a couple of donations, should get a couple of tickets. Not sure I actually want to go myself though, but thought Noel would want to anyway.

I’m seeing this so late there’s no way I can be one of the first 600 but Adam is dead right I would kill (almost) to be in a fan forum listening to my favourite all time player talking about the game and his career. However I really need to get hold of 4 tickets as I can’t ditch my US pals who are coming over from Michigan for the game and I guess equally admire Mr Sanders and who would of most likely seen him live plenty of times on the field - which alas I never ever got to do even once.

I have 2 pals coming but just contacting my friend to see who he’s coming with he’s also coming with his 2 cousins - shite that means I need to get 5 tickets… can’t see this happening as doubt any fan would give these up but should any fans read this who somehow get a ticket but are not fussed then I am now trying to do my utmost to get 5 tickets (as I really don’t think I should go alone and ditch my US pals - unless of course they say this is not there thing and non fussed about it - in which case I’ll go and then hook up with them after).

Any way time to start e-mailing different people see if I can get myself a ticket - does anyone know if 600 is the max or would they perhaps be giving other tickets away by other means - I mean the fan forum I went to I won 4 tickets I think on Sport Lobster?

Also to confirm to all it’s genuine I got info about it in an e-mail I just found from NFLUK - here’s a screen shot of the relevant part:

*Update - I just donated and read all the T&C’s - think I’ll be okay as it seems no matter how much you donate nor how many times your only get 1 ticket - so I counted all those that donated and used the message MEET BARRY SANDERS and was only about 81 valid separate peeps. Also the T&C’s say you have to be a UK resident to enter so how on earth even if my US buddies wanted to donate could get a ticket seems impossible directly. :walking:

I donated twice with the intention of getting two tickets - I’m sure by that same logic you could get extra tickets for your US friends. But if I get a couple and you need them I’m happy to send them your way, not super fussed about going myself.

I read in the T&C’s it said if you enter more than once the promoter/sponsor may knock you out - as in you get none… but could be a standard thing and they don’t follow it. We will wait and see - also no idea if my mate and his friends want to go - I asked him but he said The Lions contacted him and wanted him to do some media events when over here so he don’t know what he’s doing yet - he’s a bit of famous fan my friend - kind of a face for the franchise so gets involved in all sorts of stuff. Just have to see how all things pan out and thanks Adam for thinking of me.

I haven’t heard anything back from this comp yet, not sure what’s happening, have they announced winners?

More oddly - they refunded one of my two donations… ?!? I mean, why? Even if 2 entries is against the T&Cs of the competition, why refund a donation to charity? Not sure if NFLUK is the most piss poorly run organisation in the world or what.


I not heard anything either yet - a week to go though I guess and when they do Super Bash tickets draw it’s also always last minute! :frowning:

i applied and havent heard fingers crossed

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it is now open for general application on nfl website and we should find out by tuesday

OK I hadn’t heard that, thanks for the update!

Yeah seems weird that they prommised first 600 who donated tickets don’t tell any of them who got lucky but now throw it open to anybody to apply for 1 or 2 tickets via the usual process?

Alas I only just seen the e-mail so think I may be to late to apply as it says letting lucky winners know by Tuesday - so later today.

Here’s link any way:

Apply to attend NFLUK’s biggest ever Fan Forum‏

i think the take up must be poor apparently those who donated should be emailed today to confirm and everyone else tomorrow , they still seem to be taking applications

I got my invite just now, 1 + guest.

Just got my email as well - cool, will see some of you guys there!

I can take a guest if you wanted me to get one of your friends in noel

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Yep got mine too, + guest so if anyone needs my plus one it’s avaliable

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