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Madden 18 PS4 CFM League

So with Madden 18 less than 7 days away, thought I’d just post in case anyone is either looking to join a CFM for PS4, or anyone that has the game that may be interested in joining a league, or maybe you have never thought too much about it

I’ll be in a league for this coming Madden and have space for plenty more people, it’s a great league, a chance to play Madden without people cheesing the same players over and over and over and over again, or a chance to play without having someone quit on you after you go 14 points up (very rarely expereince that myself!

It’s a great league, a brilliant way to get to know more about the sport and teams too, and the hype for draft day is simply unreal! I’ve played in XB1 leagues and PS4 and this is hands down the best you will come across, all the people you will play with are brilliant folks

If you are interested feel free to PM me on here or Discord, I can give you more advice and tell you how to become part of the best CFM you will find for Madden 18