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'Lucky' - that's my nickname don't ware it out

I should of known this week was gonna be a heart-breaker for me betting wise… it just ended by me buying a £10 National Lottery scratch card on the way home from work (despite me never having won squat on £10 ones in past) and you guessed it - sweet FA on this one to!

However it started on Thursday for me. Up to the big smog for Thanks Giving watching my beloved Lions spank the Philly Eagles and me having a £100 Overs player prop bet on Golden Tate to go over 50.5 (aka fifty and a half yards) receiving. At half time he had exactly 50 yards… money in the bank you might think - WRONG - the Lions wanna take time off the clock and just run the ball second half and so Mr Tate finishes with 50 yds - so my bet is down the swanny by half a stinking yard. So £100 down (keeping a running total here). However that’s should of cashed for £190.

Next on Saturday I switch to Premier League football and felt there was some obvious match ups so had a £50 treble on Watford to beat Aston Villa (check) my own Eagles aka Crystal Palace to beat Newcastle (check) and Everton to beat Bournemouth - 2-0 up at half time, back to 2-2 in normal time and then 3-2 ahead 5mins into injury time at the end of the game. You fucking beauty - £622 and change return on that bet but no ref lets them kick off again and adds another 3 minutes making 8mins of injury time and wouldn’t ya know it the Cherries get a third to make it 3-3. Fuck me there goes my £622… now a £50 loss… so running total -£150 losses.

On to Sunday off down the pub to play in a monthly poker game - £20 entry - had a chance to win decided not to call as two others had already gone all in (just 3 of us left) and damn I would of hit a full house of Q’s and J’s and having more chips than both of them would of won then and there - money all mine - but I didn’t. In the end I got heads up and lost to my middle sibling - so no money for me. -£170 running total.

Before I left for pub did put on a footy bet - cheeky fiver double (should of done singles) but did Harry Kane to score at any time & Mezit Ozil to score at any time in their respective Sunday games - second one did first one did not! :frowning:

So - £180 running total.

Stop for food on way home and thus by time I get in only have 10mins to look at Brads props before 6pm slate of games start and only managed to get on 3 - which as befalls my nickname all lost…

Tyler Eifert O45.5 receiving yards -£100
Telvin Coleman U 75.5 rushing yards -£100
Julio Jones O107.5 receiving yards - £100

So the only 3 props I had time to get on all lost… (big sigh) so now down -£480

Moving on I did have a look at Brads props for the late, late game as was staying up to watch it as had a £200 double I placed on Thursday on Panthers & Patriots to both win on the Spread. Alas I didn’t see any props when I checked after Red Zone finished - However I do now so can only assume they weren’t up before the game but added in after (shame). However my double was paying about 3.8/1 as it said I would win about £640 and the Panthers banged home easy as Thursday against Dallas so just waiting on New England… I was mad as in my opinion there was so many home calls in that game where Patriots were penalised for all sorts of things that seemed harsh and the same actions did not seem to be flagged for Denver. Also The Patriots lost there best TE during the game. I blame the stupid NE punt returner that never caught the ball that changed momentum in that game as at the half NE was up 2 scores. Why did he not just stay away from it and let the ball bounce - I think in them conditions players should not try and catch punts and kick offs - to much risk for very minimal reward. Any way despite all this New England was able to come back and take the game to O.T. However 3 & out and the Broncos win… so pop no £640 winnings to get me back ahead for the week, just another -£200 loss to add to the running total.

Which now stands at -£680 (over 2 weeks salary for me btw)

So then today (well yesterday as it’s gone Midnight) I go back to work after 2 weeks off - boy was it busy and on way home think hell lets try my luck so stop at the garage to get a scratch card and go big - a £10 one and when I got in (before coming on here) I scratched it off - and yep as I said at the start of this post - nothing! So now -£690 gambling for the week.

Hell weeks not over till MNF is done and dusted imo so I just looked at Brads props for the MNF game and see he has one on tonight’s game so have followed that to with a stake of £100 on Schaub U240.5 yards passing. (fingers crossed) though only pays £190. WON + £190.91

Also to give me added interest I have put some other small bets on:

£10 on Gary Barnidge to score first TD @ 8/1 LOST
£4.79 Gary Barnidge To Score A TD And Browns To Win @ 5/2 LOST
£10 on Gary Barnidge to score anytime TD @ 11/8 LOST
£10 on Javorius Allen to score anytime TD @ 6/5 WON + £22.00

Running total -£611.88

Well game has started so will update this when results are known (have done so now) but getting this rant off my chest has made me feel better - a bad week betting that was so close to being so good with 3 of the bets I still feel should of cashed! Back to the well in Week 13 starting again with my beloved Lions this coming Thursday night… can they win (I need unbiased help as I think they can but maybe that’s my heart talking)?

Contrast the above with this (oh how I dream I could pull something like this off just once in my life)

From £5.96 to £49,068 - how one Betfair punter made an absolute mint this week