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Looking for an online fantasy NFL league

Pretty much what the title suggests, looking like I’ve only got a few leagues on the go this year and I’d like to be in a couple more;

Non IDP/Dynasty (Already in a couple of dynasty IDP leagues so would like something a bit different, don’t mind a few keepers but not a whole team)
£20-30 sort of entry fee.
12-16 teams

Other than that i’m pretty easy so if there’s any leagues going, or if people are interested i’m happy to set up and run a league as well?


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Hey Chris, the Fan Pub Fun league ran last year - 14 teams, £25 entry.

It will run again this year. Details will be out over the summer (probably in about a month) To be fair though, I think a majority of last year’s managers will sign back up and they will have first preference. Happy to add you to the waiting list though

Yes please Jon if you could that would be much appreciated

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