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Looking for a serious GM for a free 10 team Dynasty League (Year 4)

Hi there,

I run a very unique (as in has some very crazy rules) that requires a serious GM but I do understand this league is not for everyone as some cant stand the crazy and out there rules… however the hard core have bought into all aspects of these strange rules and slowly over 3 seasons have got a very dedicated 9 GM’s. So am now just looking for that last member that wants to be in a dynasty league that has really out there rules. It is also an IDP league.

Another aspect of this league is you rep for your real team - so team names are real NFL teams and there can only be one of each.

There is only 2 Divisions NFC and AFC.

Currently I am looking for a NFC team that is not the Lions, Bears, Seahawks or Cardinals (as they are already taken).

All these crazy rules can be found in a thread I made up earlier on NFLUK here (along with past season screen shots): REAL TEAM ALLEGIANCE League - Year 4

If you fit the bill for the current vacancy or would like to go on the waiting list for when future space arises for your real team please make contact with me giving me an e-mail address (so I can invite you to the league on NFL.com), your name (first and last) and team you wish to rep for.

Lastly the league settings can be viewed on NFL.com here: REAL TEAM ALLEGIANCE League Settings


I’ll give it a go Noel. I’ll send you my details across later on today. I’m in Wales and a bit short on signal.

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Nice one Mark.