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Live auction league 2017 interest

Hi everyone I’m just getting some early data together for a live draft using an auction style.

As my beast league was such a success I want to expand some of the ideas into this and have room to run both or support someone else who is desperate to be a commissioner.

A few questions would you be interested
How much would you be prepared to pay up to £50/£100/£150/£200
Obviously what you don’t spend you get back in an auction league.
Where would you like it hosted London/Northampton/ or another suggestion.

Ideally I want at least 14 players but as it’s an auction we can actually have upto 20.

So over to you

Kind regards


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Didn’t realise the amount you paid in was your budget until now! I do imagine we all have a max though which is what you are asking for now - I think 150 is sweet but would go with the anything. London ideally if its not linked to the beast timing. I don’t like the idea of it going to a large group size - I would like it to be a different kind of challenge to the originals and challengers - so 14 to me is actually optimal

If it is London you go for - I am more than happy to help with venue finding and that kind of thing.

The only other thing as a suggestion is to use another client rather than NFL.com - their app sucks

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Hi Sean - I’m interested but probably don’t have capacity. Probably only going to do 2 live drafts again in '17. Your ‘Beast’ draft in Northampton is already in the calendar. Assuming it goes ahead, and is on a day I can make, then Noel’s will be the other.

If, say, Noel booked his draft for a day I couldn’t make, then I’d look to sign up for this one - but as it is, I will pass for now.

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Agreed about NFL.com app

Sean - happy to support any live draft game you plan, count me in, so long as the venue isn’t too difficult to get to, would prefer £100+ which would ensure participants give it 100%.


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count me in Sean. I’m happy with 14 or 16 but don’t really mind on numbers venue or entry fee I’ll go with the majority

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I’d be in Sean, when I mentioned this kind of format to I think it was Dean, I suggested a 200 cap for the draft, and you put in what you spend.

Also suggested WAB as the waiver system, capped at 100 and again you put in what you spend. May get a bit pricey but as I plan for just 2 leagues next year (the beast and this) that’d be ideal for me.

If this is gonna be a Northern league, I’m in Liverpool now, and I’d be happy to help organise with Dean potentially. If it’s anywhere else I’d still attend.

As for NFL.com I think there system is easily the best, I’ve tried ESPN etc. If the app doesn’t work, the mobile web app works perfectly, just go on using the browser on your phone. Hope that helps :+1:

Oh, I’d prefer possibly 10-12 teams, but would go with however many we could get. Can’t be turning people away I suppose

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Well thanks George let’s see what dean wants to do and then we can go from there…

‘LIVE’ auction would be a thrilling draft and probably the most fun start possible to a new NFL season. However I think it would be extremely difficult to administer and I’d agree with an earlier suggestion that an auction draft would be better live, if laptops/ipads/phones are used which would take the headache away from budgeting.

In my opinion the only way this type of format would work is with players who are very familiar with the system, so I would think a ‘media-led’ system is the only way to go, online or off-line until everyone can be confident of a successful future draft

The Northern Draft if it goes ahead this season would need to be an ‘easier’ format, perhaps 16-man snake, half point PPR which ‘new’ players would be more comfortable playing.

I agree everyone would need a laptop, and it would need to be on NFL.com.

But due to it being high stakes I.e potentially 300 quid, was thinking it’d be a smaller more expertise league, hence my suggestion of 10 people, plus the more high stakes and motivated the draftees the more likely they are to come north

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If that’s your thinking George, perhaps Leeds/York would be a viable venue. I would be thinking Saturday at York races (It’s the Ebor festival and one of the best flat races of the year) and then drafting Sunday 27th August

This way the travel would be more worthwhile and easier to organise.

My suggestion (just a suggestion), stay in Leeds (Cheaper accommodation and only 20 minutes by train to the course). Saturday evening at The Comedy Club in the City Centre. Draft commences Sunday lunchtime (various possible venues).


At this stage I must stress that a Dublin draft remains my ideal ‘second’ live draft venue

I think it will be difficult to get people to stump up £300 pound.
I really do believe it can and should be run as a biddding process not using equipment here’s why. Breakdown. If you rely on equipment you might as well not live draft and if there are any connections isssues destroys the process.
I would honestly run it as a live bidding processs.
Now I’m not adverse to this being in Leeds but dean raising a good point about if its beginner friendly I guess not.
I think if you were to go to £200 pound I would hope to get ten interested people.
I agree about the use of a war budget but can’t really link it to cash to be honest.
At this stage it’s just ponderings…

live bidding could work BUT it would need someone like Chris or Anders to write a spreadsheet with formula’s to give a running total of the maximum bid available to each player. I think anyone considering a ‘big money’ auction needs to have a trial run online this season first, so the intricacies of the budget is fully understood.

No spread sheet required just a draft board and an ongoing total …

But maybe I’m not seeing the issue…

And a sheet for each person helping them keep track

I think the live bit is important - like an old fashioned poker game! I am new to this so I do have a few questions - how long does it go on - in my mind - long! which maybe mean less players is better? I think a simple spreadsheet can be used as a tracker - i.e. running of excel rather than the web?

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An Auction Draft is intense, you get no break and virtually have to ‘zone- in’ to every selection. Not only that you need to monitor your budget and the remaining bank-roll of your competitors. As the draft progresses and you figure out “who needs what” and how much cash they have left and here’s the important bit…how much they can ‘maximum’ afford to bid before they drop out of the running.

Online this all gets calculated automatically, but a live draft would need careful checking throughout the draft (its nailed on people would be bidding ‘up’ players they cannot afford so that ‘pick’ would be voided and it would get messy).

Don’t get me wrong, I think this type of draft would be amazing and real good fun, but I really think it needs to be done with very experienced fantasy players who are familiar with the intricacies of an Auction.

ok then!

Couldn’t you just have a 0 starting bid on your selection so it would take away others figuring out what you can spend. That would then leave the individual to manage there own budget, if they spend up and still need 2 players say, then they will have to settle for what’s left that no one wants to bid for.
I think that would work.
I’m up for doing a live draft next year and would do this one if time and date suits