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Let's get ready for the new season

In just over 4 months the new season will start, which means that mini camps, training camps and pre-season games are just around the corner and we will all be watching it with a lot of interest, as we will decide on which players to go for in our upcoming draft.

However, it is not just about which players to pick but also which draft strategy to go with. Unfortunately this is where I need some clarification from LM before I can make a decision on what to go with.

Could LM please state which rule changes, point-scoring changes (if any) or Draft Day changes have been decided on.
Also, have we actually discussed and ruled on all of our suggestions that were listed (by Simon I think) in another thread?

I believe this is the time to get back on track and to put our league ‘first’. You will soon have a month of European Championship games happening and before you know of it it’s August. Let’s use some polls to see where we all stand and to agree on the ideas we have all put forward.

121 days till our draft starts …


Well said Anders. I can tell from idle chit chat in the community about the upcoming season that some if not all of us could use some clarity on rule changes. I am already preparing my draft board so if Noel could find the time sooner rather than later would be hugely appreciated, especially since I will have to approach the entire game from a different angle this year. I don’t think anything major is required here but a well documented list of rule changes in a single location for players to refer to would help a huge deal.

I agree with you both and the clarification would be useful

Yep, agree there are a few questions that need to be resolved.

Noel - if you need any support running polls etc more than happy to help, just let me know.

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@bluelionman can you please answer my questions above. Cheers

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