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Justice For Punters

After finding my self restricted in the last few days at Betway - but having consistently lost money there on my bets since the end of the World Cup I was shocked this had happened to me now.

As so I did some internet research on this and found a few very informative websites as to not only why this happens but how the UK gambling legislation is not fair to punters and a campaign for a minimum liability (bet) rule?

This resonated with me so thought I’d share the website here and hope others will find this site as interesting a read as I have.

Justice for Punters

Also the bad practice of the off course betting industry is shared on a few forums I have found in the last 24hrs and decided to join them myself. It’s a place to share experiences with others who have encountered similar issues (name and shame the bad operators) plus also people proving a valuable resource in things you can try to fight back against unfair practices and operators withholding your money. So for those reasons thought it worth sharing here for those who equally want to vent or help find out what they can do when faced with similar situations:

The UK Betting Forum

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Very interesting interview with Brian Chappell (aka Jimmy Justice). I know lost of people on TFP have been restricted at certain sports books or can’t get more than 10p on a horse - or stopped from withdrawing your own winnings or worse own funds for no good reason on spurious anti fraud b/s. Join the fight for better regulation and making bookies playfair:

BRIAN CHAPPELL (part 1 of 3)

BRIAN CHAPPELL (part 2 of 3)

BRIAN CHAPPELL (part 3 of 3)