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Josh Gordon Banished for a year!

Chris Carter is my favourite past player in the NFL, mainly because he is a good person who had troubles and fought through it to be a huge success. When he talks he does so with passion which really makes you listen. I heard him last year when he was adamant that Josh Gordon should be cut and he was right then, he is still right now. Some times hitting rock bottom is the best thing…

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Would love the Saints to pick him up and let Sean Payton straighten him out. He’s way to talented to waste.

Adding Gordon to Graham, Stills, Cooks and Colston just would not be fair on the rest of the league ; )

It would be nice tho…

I think this will likely be the end of josh Gordon!!

I’m not sure how people can have sympathy for someone like Josh Gordon (or any other substance abuser). In my line of work, my license is revoked if I as test remotely positive for controlled substances or get a DUI citation. No license means no work. No second chance. If you want to play in the adult world, be an adult!

Fair point there Shitehawks, for me its more of an outcry at the waste of talent than it is sympathy…

My number one pick next year then

Good pick coach : )

Posts must be soooo long lol