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Join The Fan Pub Fantasy Premier League

Let’s get some people in the TFP Fantasy Premier League. It’s just a free league to join, but the winner may get a little prize or trinket (something like a copy of FIFA 21 or a football jersey or equivalent).

Go to https://fantasy.premierleague.com to create your team then join a league using the invite code - vp6u4x

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& if anyone wants to do the same game for money I (bluelionman) have a Classic and Head to Head Winner Takes All money league going to:

Congratulations to Ian Wray who won the inaugural season of the Fan Pub fantasy premier league thing!

The final top standings:

Ian opted for the cash prize of £50 and a request to try not to win again next season.

The next season is almost upon us again, due to 2020 being a general disaster. The league’s back open for any newcomers who’d like to join. Next year’s prize is still to be confirmed, it’s currently still a free league so it’ll probably be something rubbish.

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For the 20/21 season starting September 12th, the invite link is now https://fantasy.premierleague.com/leagues/auto-join/d8sthq

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