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Johnny Football

So the ‘money sign’ is no more but will Johnny Football be back as the starting QB for Browns?

I don’t think he’s got the complete QB package or a package that is big enough to survive in the NFL … but what do I know, I couldn’t even get in the top 8 of our fantasy football league last season lol

Johnny football never had it I’m afraid sometimes I’m amazed at why teams spend big on some players who are totally unproven…
He will never make it in his case it’s attitude…tim tebow has a shot because he really wants it and keeps trying of coarse he is not the best QB ever however you can’t fault his effort.
Will it surprise me if he plays this year absolutely not !!
The eagles offence fits him…

Johnny Football and Tebow are going to be busts as football players, but will be successful should they choose to open up “Religious Rehab Centers for Fallen Stars” .

Good Q

I like JM, I wish he would be a huge success and bring back the $$$ sign, it would be good for the game in a hot topic sort of way. He has great space awareness/vision on the field and is in certain ways highly athletic, the problem however is that he is not a pocket passer and relies on moving outside the pocket despite having actually very slow speed. Guys like RG3 and Kap have 4.4 speed which is why it has worked for them, JM has something in the region off 4.68 speed which is actually very slow when compared to other skill positions. He himself mentioned in his rookie year several times how the NFL is much quicker and its clear to see that those holes he ran through in college just don’t exist long enough for him to make an impact in the NFL. So if your not a pocket passer or a move guy what are you? The answer… A clipboard holder…

Manziel will need to learn to become a pocket guy to have any success and even then he will need to be behind a strong O line given his small frame.

Great reply And a good point