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Joe Montana Football 2016

So, Joe Montana has put his name to a new NFL game that looks to be a solid competitor to Madden, Joe Montana 16.

As EA have the exclusive cross-platform NFL license for the Madden series, it looks like Montana 16 is going to be Xbox One only, co-developed by Microsoft and 2K Games (the guys who made the amazingly realistic NBA 2K15). The NFL exclusivity license doesn’t apply to ‘first party’ games that only appear on one system.

Basically nothing has been unveiled yet other than a few screenshots from Joe Montana’s Twitter and forum posts from people claiming to have played the game, but as it’s running on the Unreal Engine, it’ll probably look and feel significantly better than Madden, and as 2K Games are developing it (they made the awesome NFL 2K series many years ago) it could be great. Here’s basically the only shot of it so far… Looks like it might be using non-NFL teams if licensing is possibly an issue.

Cool, love Madden… Its now my escapism routine… If they can come up with something better for the xbox (which I still have) then that’s just fine : )