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Jim Kelly

Just watched the Rich Eisen Show and Total Access and listened to Jim Kelly speak. Such a lovely chap and a strong person - glad he’s still with us. It really reminds me of the Bills and what they gave us in the early 90s (never winning a Super bowl - four years in a row and always losing to an NFC East team). I really believe that they have a very strong squad this season and that the AFC East is one of the toughest of them all this year.

What do you think?

Jim Kelly is inspirational!!
They are building a good team and I do like there fan base.

Jim Kelly is a dude and his daughters quite hot!

Seriously though she wrote a book about the struggles called “Kelly Tough”, could be an inspirational read.

I agree fella, that division is so interesting this year! Its actually a great example of how quickly things can turn around in a single off season. That Jets v Dolphins game looked like mehhh last year, now its looks really interesting!!

I’m wondering what the lay price will be on the Pats not winning the div for once.

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