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I've decided it's time to improve my videos

I have decided to really improve the quality of the offer I’m putting out…
A brilliant intro to the program
A better exit
Ways to communicate with me better
Keep the content to a high standard.

Anything else you would like to see

Danish subtitles :smile:

Cheers mate that helps lol

Looks like you just volunteered yourself for a job - take Sean’s videos add Danish subtitles and then host on your YouTube channel. :sunglasses:

Scottish subtitles…

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Seriously dude, I would like to see video’s relating to football rather than all about fantasy. Might be an excellent compliment to each other. For example, I have long had the notion to make my own video’s relating to offense types, playbooks and play types but you seem to have more energy for creating video’s than I do. Would be great to see somebody do it for the upcoming UK fan base if not I and I know your well clued up in that area as well as fantasy.

These types of video’s would ideally need screen capture to showcase your playbook diagrams and potentially the “all 22” camera view to compare diagrams to real game examples. Perhaps you could start with explaining the difference between man and zone blitz packages or power v zone running scheme’s?

Just a thought. All the best.


I have taken on board what you said and delivered my first informative video on the differences between zone and man defences.

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