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It's Brady time

Today is the day that Brady is going to meet up with the Commissioner and talk through the Deflategate issues and the current four-match ban.

What do you personally think will happen?

I hope the ban stays but think it will go down to 2 games because they haven’t got the exact proof (if that makes sense). I hope the ban isn’t reduced because it is going to have a major impact on our draft and how we will rate the Pats players. Will Gronk still be rated as high as he currently is if he hasn’t got Brady to feed him the right passes?

I think it stays four games and I think Brady regrets his appeal since he found out he has to face the commish eye to eye.

Read an article back when the four games was first announced suggested Brady might retire if the ban wasn’t overturned on appeal - already got his 4 rings, model wife, and all the money in the world, so wouldn’t feel the need to watch Jimmy Garappolo from the sidelines with a big black asterisk against his record.
I for one have not a clue what the commish is going to do. Anything from increasing the ban to quashing it entirely seems to be on the table!

Good old NFL - always got a headline to keep us hooked, whatever the time of year!