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Is Michael the bruising goal line back that Dallas are looking for?

Interesting fella, he does not strike me as a goal line stud but I could be wrong

I can but hope, he’s has more power compared to the other three I guess. Some guy predicted he would join Dallas and become rb1 by week 8 and lots of touches before. I am hoping for this scenario lol. Averages 4.9 ypc from a limited sample size.

Just looks like a depth pick-up to me, I’m not sure how someone who was 3rd/4th on the depth chart and about to be cut suddenly justifies being Dallas’ new starter. I’ve watched his highlight reel and I don’t think there was a single time where he didn’t run into the first available defender. He’s the opposite of elusive, but I didn’t see him breaking any/many tackles either.

The only thing going in his favour is how bad people think Randle might be. Sure, Randle’s a pants thief, but he averaged 6.7 yds last season and 4.8 in his career - which is higher than Foster’s season and career average (4.8 last season, 4.5 career). I’ve still got a modicum of faith in him, even if the fantasy world have given up on him.

I should have taken Foster in the 2nd though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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It’s a depth pick I’m afraid

Pants Thief :laughing:

You may be right, I am not convinced either to be honest but opinion on his fantasy value is very divided. Some big names picking him to win the job, others saying he is depth only, I guess time will tell. You clearly can’t trust a pants thief :smile:

Jon and Noel,
You guys can start up a new club in England. “The Cellar Dwellers United”. Thought I might even be eligible for founding membership the way the Seahawks were playing. Alas however, they have taken their finger out now.
Enjoy the game all those attending. I will be attending the Dolphins/Cowboys game next month if my schedule permits.

Could be a great game next month Drew, have a good time if you make it.