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Introduce yourself here

As this forum is a mix of people from our original fantasy football league and newcomers from elsewhere, it must be useful to have a few intros.

I guess everyone here knows Bluelionman, the site’s official mascot - I’ll let him introduce himself when he’s online.

I’m Adam, a London-based Texans fan (with an appreciation for all other things Texas, even the Cowboys). When not watching the Texans or playing fantasy football, I design apps and games and that sort of thing. I may also be the biggest/only Case Keenum fan this side of the Atlantic.

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I’m bluelionman - a degenerate gambler, sports fanatic (watching only) and huge NFL fan. My teams I follow with a passion are the Detroit Lions (NFL), Crystal Palace (soccer/football) and Surrey (cricket).

I run a poker League (Texas Hold’em) in a pub once a month to (always looking for new players to join if your in or near enough to the RH2 area).

One of my favourite past times is fantasy games and setting up leagues for money which this website has been born from as I was advertising my money leagues on NFLUK’s forum but got asked to stop and move elsewhere as for what ever reason they got a bee in their bonnet about money leagues. Thanks to Adam and his skills (and he being an original member of my first ever live pub draft NFL league) he set this website up where I can not only continue to advertise my money league games but others can talk about their love of all US sports and pretty much do all the things your not allowed to do at official sites - like re-sell on spare game tickets, share links to unofficial merchandise sellers and un-official feeds and all manner of things like that which could be of benefit to the average fan!

Last but not least I am not currently a season ticket holder to CPFC but interested in being one again if I can find someone to get one with (I get on with).

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Good idea guys always good to meet new people.

I’m Dave from down in Kent. My team in the nfl (just in case) are the Steelers. I like watching most sports and happy just to watch nfl as a neutral. I’m a big football fan too and have a season ticket at Newcastle United.

To be honest the whole sports forums are new to me but it’s time to get involved I reckon.


Blimey Dave - you’re in Kent, and a Newcastle season ticket holder?! You must cover a few miles!

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I’m Jon, originally from St Helens but now living in Southampton. I’m a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs (and Liverpool FC, and St.Helens RLFC, and Kickers Offenbach and Sochaux Montbeliard, and the Rice Owls and probably more besides!)

I’m on the site as I was in Bluelionman’s Live Draft fantasy football league last season (where a nice draft and 2-0 start disintegrated slowly into a 14th place out of 16!!) - enjoyed that league and particularly enjoyed the chance to meet up with other NFL fans both on draft day and also since.

Looking forward to my first dynasty league draft as a way of filling the void until the start of the next NFL season…

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Yeat, that’s one way of putting it. Manage to get to about 14 home games a year allowing for midweek games, travel cancellations and TV changes.
The Football helps to distract from offseason too :slight_smile:

I’m Gordon, living in Reading with my better half. She somewhat puts up with my love of NFL both in and out of season. Outside of her pocket I love nothing better than getting together with the lads and causing some general hoopla, whether that be on the golf course, in the bar watching NFL super action while downing beers to cool down the effect of those overly spicy wings, at the race track (horses, cant stand F1) or just manly socialising at the nearest uncool joint. Alternatively you will find me online a lot, mostly studying form for the next NFL breakout star which catapults my fantasy team off the bottom of the league.

I’m a strategist, a tactician… The more it makes me think the more I like it! If I were to win the lottery I would probably gather some skilled writers together to form a monthly NFL wrap from a UK perspective in a final bid to win back my perfect job from that thieving swine Mike Mayock!

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Right, my turn. I’m Anders and a HUGE Redskins fan. I’m Danish but have lived in Windsor the last 17 years. I’m married and have two young girls. Whenever they let me have a break I watch as much NFL as possible. I truly love that the season is so short, as it makes me appreciate every single moment of it. I don’t mind the off-season because it gives me a chance to catch up on the many superb NFL documentaries there are on GamePass + NFL related movies on streaming services. Each year I try and make it a goal to learn more about the rules of the game because I keep on getting surprised by how little I know about it when watching the games.

Just like Gordon, Adam and Jon above I was also one of the ‘Original 17’ who took part in Noel’s superb Live Draft League. I still remember the draft last August and it was truly one of the highlights of my year. The camaraderie, banter, fun and experiences I have gained from joining that league are immense. I cannot wait for our second draft to kick off - it’s going to be lots of fun to meet the new guys and to finally have a proper pub crawl with the guys afterwards.

I used to watch a lot of sports but have decided to mainly focus on the NFL and College Football. In my mind ‘Soccer’ has just gotten too boring and there are too many games to continue making it exciting. I got annoyed by money taking over the game and leaving proper academies behind. A year ago I decided to drop Sky Sports and ‘soccer’ - family life took over and you get to a point where there’s only so much time available to watch sports.

My true passion is to watch NFL games in the U.S. and this year I’ll be going with Gordon and another mate. Due to not knowing the schedule yet we don’t know which game it will be but one thing is certain … Redskins will be one of the two teams in action :wink: