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Interesting fact about the Ravens in regards to betting

Under Harbaugh the Ravens are 45-11 at home and 27-29 on the road. That is some home record

it sure is, do the odds reflect this on home games?

It’s impressive when considering it’s a straight up record. However, if you look at it through a betting (against the spread) perspective, the away record looks better:

Home 31-26
Away 37-28

Back them every week then on the spreads as both are winners

Where can I find the spread stats on teams? Seems like some good info to know

I use the Marc Lawrence Playbook magazine. I buy it every year because it’s packed full of handicapping stats.


If you’re curious about any other coach or team just give me a shout and I’ll look into it for you.

Cheers might well do that

For example, I could go in-depth with the Harbaugh led Ravens and tell you how they perform as underdogs and favourites

Dogs 42-34
Faves 27-20

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Yep it would be great to get that info for each weeks games. Love stats the more the merrier

Thanks for this. I know a lot of others would appreciate the info

I really am not a shrewd better - I just go on form/feeling right now - really should look into stats more but I don’t. Time and knowing where to start is why I don’t. I wish people talked more about what they will be backing the coming week - sort of a discussion before the event rather than after - so I can read stats like the above and think that sounds legit and then follow in myself - I might actually do better than I do right now then and to be fair wouldn’t you like seeing others take it off the bookies (no offence Sean the Irish Bookie if reading this). I mean I lost a load last year so I am kind of due some wins.

I am avoiding my heart bets this year - can’t believe da Lions are -3 Spread favs this week on how the opening 5 weeks have gone. I mean come on the Bears have a great RB, Cutler back and actually won 2 games this year - unlike the Lions who are zip 'n 5! :frowning: