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Interested in a new £ league


I’m an regular and enthusastic Fantasy NFL player! I’m eager to join a new league, ideally with a small(ish) buy in as it tends to keep people interested!

Dream league is fun, active, competitive and full of active traders! Would be great to hear of any leagues who need an extra player!

Thanks, J

Hi Jonathan,

Welcome, I imagine we will see a few leagues pop up in the next few weeks.

Cheers Al

Thank Al, I hope so :raised_hands:t2:

Welcome Jonathan,

Shame, the Fan Pub Fun League sounds exactly like your description but it is already fully booked and drafting in a few days. The TFP Originals League still has a space, but £100 buy in and a get-together for a live draft day probably doesn’t fit what you’re looking for (by all means send me a message if you are interested though!).

As Al says, there tends to be a couple of other leagues popping up as the season goes close, so fingers crossed you find one

Hi Jon!

I did look at the Soton draft but I can’t make it work in the diary! The other league did sound ideal, let me know if anyone drops out last minute! If not, fingers crossed some other options come up soon. J

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Welcome to TFP Jonathan,

I run a few but am notoriously late at getting things up and advertised - not sure if I’ll have spaces yet but often do if live draft date/time doesn’t work for current GM’s from previous year who often prefer to withdraw than auto draft - so as others said keep a look out as I will advertise them on TFP first and foremost.

Other than that can I also say that I run a fair few (or at least involved with recruiting for) other NFL type games that don’t involve a live draft - some are budget based, sweep stakes or pools.

Some will be advertised on TFP very soon - others will not. If you want to go on my fantasy games mailing list so you get advised of all games I’m involved with just PM me your e-mail addy and I’ll add you to my fantasy games contact list - then you will get an e-mail on all games I have launching from now onwards. :football:

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I admin a NFL Fantatsy league for UK based players through the NFL.com site. It’s a 12 player league using the standard format. The live draft is on Monday, 28th August at 20:00 (GMT). If anyone is interested email me at thandouk@hotmail.com (free league).