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IDP league

Would anybody be interested in getting involved in a league of this format?

Noel’s TFP Ultimates league is IDP (and a keeper league). Has a £200 entry fee but if you’re really interested in IDP… Plus there’s a live draft and last years original league draft was basically the start of a legend :smile:

I know about the ultimates league but can’t make the draft as I’m abroad on that date.
The other two leagues you mention are they full and do you have a link to them?

Oh, I meant Noel’s TFP league has a live draft, not another league, my bad.

There’s still some time to startup a new league if you’re keeping it simple (10-12 man, low buy in).

Ok mate, yeah want to start a online draft league, about £20 buy in if anyone’s interested, any help with this would be appreciated from anyone.


Is there anyone who wants to get involved in another league or any spots left for a online draft?
Seen as I’m new, I’m happy to manage the league with someone else who is trusted and known to look after the cash.