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Ideas for new badges

Noel might be most interested in this topic…

So, I can add new badges to the forum (they’re badges/achievements/whatever that you can earn or unlock and display on your profile section). Currently there’s a basic set that show how involved you are on the forum. Any ideas or suggestions for new badges we could add, preferably fun NFL or sports-themed badges that can be unlocked with some interesting criteria!

(Of course we can add an ‘Original Player’ badge for original fantasy league members, plus just giving them a special member status anyway to access otherwise-hidden topics.)

Maybe a tie in to the fantasy game - a badge for the 4 reigning divisional champs?

And a tipster’s badge - for posting winners at decent odds on here before the event!

I like it but also have become so partial to the idea of having a title under your username a bit like on NFL UK but I always wanted to be able to have input into them and the post count to earn a new title - as this website was born from a love of American Football I wonder what all the positions are on a roster and perhaps first post you make the ‘practice squad’ and after 100 posts ‘special teamer’ and then as we was a fantasy game band first perhaps you move through the fantasy roster spots that exist in my new league 2 (as it has IDP’s) starting on the bench - bench warmer 6, bench warmer 5, all the way up to bench warmer 1, flex IDP 3, flex IDP 2, flex IDP 1, Defensive Back, Linebacker, Defensive Line, Kicker, WR/RB/TE flex, Tight End, Wide Receiver 2, Wide Receiver 1, Running Back 2, Running Back 1, Quarter Back. Then perhaps I don’t know all the positions of the tree but if you go for this could start doing all the coaching jobs on a team up to Head Coach - after that H.O.F. - Hall of Famer… and then final at some massive post count a person earns the right for what ever title they want perhaps you can programme in a way one a person reaches that level they have the ability to change it to what ever they want - within reason - i.e. no swearing etc.

Just an idea - what’s ya thoughts?