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I miss this

I seem to recall it from the 2013 season I think, don’t think it was played in 2014., really got me in the mood.

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I love it very atmospheric

Dude, I listen to that Priyanka tune at least once a week (it’s called In My City) because it gets me so excited about NFL. I work with about 500 Indian contractors but none of them get close to her stunning look lol.

This TNF commercial from 2013 also get me in the right NFL mood

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That’s a damn good effort too fella. I honestly cant believe that they gave us Priyanka Chopra and then simply took it away in 14 and as I understand it replaced it with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpEUlNfYtps


Hell why not have all TNF music intro’s:

NFL Song Mix With All of The NFL Songs

Not bad Neol, needs some video maybe chap. I think the key ingredient is Chopra. I found out today that as well as being an actress and singer she also won Miss world in 2000. This likely explains why those 500 co-workers pale into insignificance Anders ; )