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I Know The Score - Winner Takes All


(currently being called the talkSPORT Selco Predictor League)

Hi there,

I Know the Score (IKTS) is the talkSPORT football predictor game which is both easy to play and will keep you and your friends entertained throughout the Barclays Premier League season (2015/16).

I have created a private money league on the game (to make it interesting). It’s £10 entry a person and as the league name suggests the winner takes all the money.

Register or log in to the game by visiting http://predictor.talksport.co.uk/

Once on the game site and registered (or logged in if already a member) use the league name and code at the bottom of this e-mail to join my private mini league.

If you join up - just e-mail me (or PM me) to say what your username is in the league and to arrange how to pay your entry fee to me - cash or pay-pal preferred.

Don’t be put off as this game is real easy - all the fixtures for each Premier League game are listed week by week and you just enter in the scores you think they will be. That’s it… you can do it weekly or in advance for several weeks at a time if you are going away on holiday or just so you don’t forget.

All the scoring rules can be found here: https://predictor.talksport.com/help/scoring.htm

Best regards,

Noel Symonds

Name of my league: ** WINNER TAKES ALL **

Code to join this league: FCE40-RPU

Sent you the entry fee

Team Name: CatherineDidDallas

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Got it.


F’ing Celtic - I was suckered in my the marketing e-mail and rushed to put a bet on - learning a lesson don’t bet for sake off - so hard to let go now as I am itching to win my money back - what I need is a good decent odds tip for the free £35 bet (50 Euros) that hopefully if comes in will get me back my £50 lost - I have 9 days to use it up - so if you think of anything post on TFP on that thread I started.



Entry fee sent by PayPal. Team name AWNCFC

:cop: Warriors2012, Karl Dale & Dunx still awaiting payment from you guys.

A very big congratulations to Steve Smith who won this by a big margin for this season and is now another complete new winner added to the roll of honour for this game: IKTS - WTA - League History thread

I am quite pleased to get second as its my best ever finish in over a decade of doing this game - I struggle at soccer (football) results predicting and never been very good at all so quite chuffed to finish second even though there is no financial reward for doing so.

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Big result by the winner well done