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I KNOW THE SCORE (aka Premier League Predictor) - WINNER TAKES ALL - 2019/20 (£10 Money League)


(Premier League Predictor 2019/20)

Hi there,

I Know the Score (IKTS) is both easy to play and will keep you and your friends entertained throughout the Barclays Premier League season (2019/20).

I have created a private money league on the game (to make it interesting). It’s £10 entry a person and as the league name suggests the winner takes all the money.

Register or log in to the game by visiting: I KNOW THE SCORE

Once on the game site and registered (or logged in if already a member) use the league name and code at the bottom of this post to join my private mini league.

If you join up - just post on this thread or PM me to say what your username is in the league and what your real name is. If you don’t know how to pay the entry fee (you will if you have entered other games of mine before) then PM me to ask.

Don’t be put off as this game is real easy - all the fixtures for each Premier League game are listed week by week and you just enter in the scores you think they will be. That’s it… you can do it weekly or in advance for several weeks at a time if you are going away on holiday or just so you don’t forget.

All the scoring rules can be found here: IKTS help / rules / FAQs

Best regards,

bluelionman Noel Symonds

Name of my league: WINNER TAKES ALL
Code to join this league: 3FS1P


A big congratulations to Marc Perni (not currently a TFP’er) who picks up £90 for winning this league.

If this game is run next season I will of course do a league so if any of you TFP’ers think you can challenge please get involved - I will post details on this forum as soon as I’ve set the league up - when game site launches so keep your mince pies peeled.